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What are the Park timings?

We are open seven days of every week, Monday through Sunday including all public holidays. Our timings – 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Can I leave the park and get back in?

In case, you leave the park and want get back in again, the ticket charges will have to paid again.

Do I have to pay if I don’t want to participate in the rides?

No, you do not have to pay the full price. There is an entry ticket of Rs. 500/-, of which Rs. 200/- is redeemable at the park.

Do you have lockers and do they cost extra apart from ticket charges?

Yes, we do have locker bag facility with separate rental charges applicable for them. Do inquire at the counter about the rent / deposit.

Do you have restaurant in the park? Do we have to pay extra for food?

The Jungle Cafe at Diamond Adventure Park has meals, snacks and cold drinks at an extra cost.

Will I have to wait in line very long for the rides?

The attractions are spread out on a wide piece 3-acres’ land, so you can take part in various activities without experiencing any rush. However, depending on the guest attendance number you might have to wait for few minutes to get your turn. The lines for rides vary depending on how busy the park is, similar to any other amusement parks in Pune. Our Park Rangers and Park Marshals try to keep the lines moving as fast as safety allows. On weekdays when the attractions are less busy, the lines can move quickly.

Do you have changing rooms?

Yes, we do have changing rooms and our state-of-the-art changing rooms add another feature to our pride of being the best Adventure park in Pune. The decked up changing rooms are designed as per international standards.

Can I bring my own food?

The ticket charges include food charges for the buffet lunch offered in the park restaurant. You are not required to carry any food. No outside food is allowed in this Adventure theme park.

Are there any parking facilities?

Yes, there is ample free parking space available for two/four wheelers in the premise of the water park.

Do you allow alcohol in the park?

We strictly don’t allow alcohol/drugs in the Adventure park, if any person is found consuming or carrying such prohibited items, the person will be asked to leave the water park immediately.


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